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    American Ballet Theatre corps Kaho Ogawa 10 pirouettes

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    Ed and Lorraine Warrens Occult Museum

    Houses over 50 years of haunted objects. The most famous of which is, Annabelle the Raggedy Ann Doll.

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    No matter what, if you type in 1967 all you are going to see is the Winchesters 1967 Chevy impala. I love it

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  8. Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom! (July 30)

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    Fiction is more than a story.

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    picking up something in front of your crush 


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  11. Jensen talking about Demon Dean singing karaoke [x]

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    inspired by x b/c i’m a piece of shit w/o original ideas

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    the queen wearing a hoodie whilst driving a range rover


    “the thug life chose me”

    Not to mention that’s the most royal fuckin hoodie it’s floral and it has bobby pins in it to KEEP IT ON HER HEAD.

    This is art.

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    stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

    stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

    stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

    disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please

    I read this wrong and I was just picturing them all confused as to who keeps…

  15. get to know me meme: [1/5] female characters → mindy lahiri

    "I am a hot, smart woman with an ass that doesn’t quit!"

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